It started with a bad idea ( NFA )

Notorious Fool Academy
4 min readOct 10, 2022

You get up one fine morning, take a sip of your stimulant of choice, put on your favorite music and open your favorite window to the degen universe.
You check your wallet just like you check the fridge once in a while, for no particular reason but to remind yourself you’re still eating.

You do what you always do, a GM here, a shitpost there, a few laughs at the expense of other people, check on some of your favorite projects, “wen” on Discord channels, speculate like it’s no one’s business…just another day in web3, right?

You go about your day thinking “I’ve learned so much, gained so much” and you take your wise a$$ further down the rabbit hole looking for the next adrenaline rush, scrolling through the art, community, roadmap, promises, speculation, ethics, plots, drama, opinions, yadda yadda yadda.

And then it happens. Your acceptance letter is IN.

You’ve earned your spot in the Notorious Fool Academy, but what qualifies you? I don’t know, tick your own box(es):

Not to worry though, the NFA is a place where your foolishness is just another Tuesday in the space, where no one is the wiser and where all the degens gather to learn from their mistakes, cry and laugh it out with you.

We are building a legacy, something that lasts regardless of where and how the web3 stretches. You are not the first and definitely you are not the last to be confused, to f*@k up, to have a hard time learning, to struggle in finding balance or just to have a dream outside the norm.

As Socrates said, “Awareness of ignorance is the beginning of wisdom”. The wise fool allows himself to be a degen-to-the-bone, to stand up for what he believes in but also uses flexibility as a tool to question everything, even his own convictions if necessary, in order to evolve.

This is not a drill, this is our narrative and we are not here as bystanders, we are here to live and build it.

So show up, speak your truth and join your fellow fools in the NOTORIOUS FOOL ACADEMY 2023 CLASS !

  • Each wallet can mint up to 2 FOOLS
  • Supply limit: 3210 FOOLS
  • No. of traits: over 200
  • Price: as low as a fancy salad at a mediocre restaurant or a clown without his makeup…or some dogecoin

*big decisions are subject to community poll, where all the fools get to vote


  1. OG contest for allowlist (make sure to follow our Twitter for more details)
  2. Communities allowlist (open for collabs with diamond hands)
  3. Twitter engagement rewards


  1. Second chance fund : Some FOOLS will support those with bad grades
  2. Entertainment : Short real life inspired degen cartoon to get you through your everyday web3 journey.


  • Blind XP points in the Discord for sharing your foolish story
  • Emotional Support GMs
  • Training your neuroplasticity with 1st grade problems
  • UnderpromiseOverdeliver

We DON’T offer :

  • Dental for stressed mfers
  • Relationship advice
  • Wallet bouncers
  • Meal vouchers


Been in the space since 2020
First photographer to sell NFTs out of Romania (Zanzibar’s Kids collection)
Over 200 NFTs sold to date as an artist
Celebrity photographer
D.o.P and editing (music videos)
Now fulltime degen and art collector
GCG enthusiast & kingpin

Been in the space since 2021
Flipper but diamond hand GCG
Former A-list performer and choreographer, director, creative and editing (music videos)
Fulltime degen now

Communication and Public Relations
Creative jack of all trades master of probably 2
Still learning about the space while holding a web2 corporate job for a top3 US IT company
Former singer, performer and A/V script writer (music videos)


Owner of real estate innovative business with metaverse applicability (no music videos)


One person creative thinking tank, concept research and evaluation, former stylist (music videos)

It started with a bad idea .. but they will live on the blockchain as a reminder of your worst ideas leading up to your best idea ever.

Notorious Fool Academy is an equal opportunity community that does not discriminate in any form on the basis of project shilling, decision making, wallet administration, financial acumen, or any other classification native to the web3 space. All your information will be kept confidential, unless you provide it.
You fool!