The Journey of The Fool

Notorious Fool Academy
3 min readJan 24, 2023


0. Bus ticket

Smth small dropped from the envelope. While picking it up, he noticed the slightly familiar shape. He flipped it & paused. The rough paper & the old design made him wonder if it was still valid, or even real.

The call for the new adventure was real and so must this old ticket be.

1. The bus stop

He thought he knew everything, especially about himself, but here’s a small shiny coin on the ground in the bus station.

Will he pick it up? Should he pick it up?

There are 2 types of people in the world & he sometimes doesn’t even bother to take the small change from the cashier.

2. The bus ride

He can’t trust these fools, he can’t be seen w/ them anywhere.

But here he is having to share a bus ride, listening to all this nonsense.

He could have been home, in mom’s basement, getting his face stuffed with pizza, treasure hunting for the next best pfp.

3. The FOOL and the lucky seed

A few days before the trip, well organized as he is, he made a list of his TOP 3 things to take on a deserted island where, much like his destination ahead, a lot is unknown.

He has his cold wallet, his favorite merch and of course his …

4. Missing roadmap

All fools looked to him for guidance and leadership.

“As they should” he thought while trying to figure out the pieces of paper. This was important, he needed to assert dominance over these fools before they get there. But once finished, he still has no idea how to use a map.

5. Academy

The imposing building at the end of the road overshadowed everything around it.

He gazed in awe, approaching the entrance wary of what he will find inside.

One thing was sure: the story of the academy was old but for him… it was new, it was inviting.